Aims and Objectives

In 1992, Bellsmyre Schools Out Club was formed to aid local parents to go to work without worrying about childcare for their school children. The Club from then and continuing now, aims to offer after good quality, flexible, safe, educational, fun and affordable after school care. 

In addition to this, full day childcare during the summer holidays and in-service days.

This is aimed at children from the age of 4 (registered for school) to 12 years old.

Who we are

Bellsmyre Schools Out Club is a not for profit organisation. We are a registered charity, which solely relies on the fees, fundraising and donations for the running of the Club. Any profit that is made, is wholly re-invested back into all aspects of the Club.

What we do

The activities that the children participate in, are driven by their suggestions. Not ours. To us its all about inclusion, and we want the children to get the most out of their time with us. This includes things like socialising in outdoor & indoor play, arts & crafts, board games, reading corner, TV & DVD, use of the pc, games console, gardening, science and lots more. We have a suggestion box for the children to provide their input and make their suggestions.